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Create your own eLearning programme

Succesfull Patient Support Programs offer a combination of a care-programme in combination with an eLearning module. You can design these eLearning programmes in a "power point like" environment and incorporate them a a larger support programme with eConsult, Patient Reported Outcome etc.

The healthcare provider activates specific modules matching the patient profile with Curavista eHealth. The provider also follows the modules that were completed by the patients. There is eConsult for questions in the meantime

A winning concept.

Access through My Health Monitor or your own EHR

Access to the PSP is achieved via a contextual single sign on with the EHR.

This contextual SSO is possible because Curavista eHealth is a certified eHealth platform.

As a result the information is easily accessible.

  • “About the treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema is not much known. By providing an e-learning course, which consists of a combination of case studies and practical action, we get more insight.”
    - Frank Verbraak, ophthalmologist

Setting it up yourself

The eLearning module can be set up by the client (program looks like PPT, but you can export to HTML), after which Curavista imports the program to the platform and inserts it into the desired proces (depending on the profile).

Curavista can also set up the PPT for the client.

Operational examples

EyesinFocus.eu is an accredited e-learning course for ophthalmologists.

Toujeocoach.nl is an eLearning program for people with with diabetes mellitus 2.

The eLearning consists of personalized modules, based on the profile of the patient. 

The eLearning is a combination of videos, quiz questions, text and supporting push notifications on smartphones.

Written by: renee_admin  11/24/2018